Service area of Owensboro, KY

The History of Owensboro Kentucky

Well, there is evidence of American Indian settlement that dates back over 12,000 years before there were any European settlers. The Shawnee Indians occupied that area until they were forced to evacuate in the late 18th century.

In 1797 William Smeathers was the first frontiersman to settle Owensboro. The settlement was originally known as Yellow Banks. From the color of the banks of the Ohio River. Owensborough was established in 1817 after Colonel Abraham Owen. Then in 1893 the name was shortened from Owensborough to Owensboro.

Industries in Owensboro

Owensboro has several distillers of mainly Bourbon. Only the Glenmore Distillery remains in operation.

As of 1903, Owensboro was home to several stemmeries.Pinkerton Tobacco produced Red Man chewing tobacco in Owensboro. Swedish Match continues to make Red Man in a plant outside city limits.

The Owensboro Wagon Company, established in 1884, was one of the largest and most influential wagon companies in the nation. With eight styles or sizes of wagons, the company set the standard of quality at the turn of the 20th century.

Frederick A. Ames came to Owensboro from Washington, Pennsylvania, in 1887. He started the Carriage Woodstock Company to repair horse-drawn carriages. In 1910, he began to manufacture a line of automobiles under the Ames brand name. Ames hired industrialist Vincent Bendix in 1912, and the company became the Ames Motor Car Company. Despite its product being called the “best $1500” car by a Texas car dealer, the company ceased production of its own model in 1915. The company then began manufacturing replacement bodies for the more widely sold Ford Model T. In 1922, the company remade itself and started to manufacture furniture under the name Ames Corporation. The company finally sold out to Whitehall Furniture in 1970.

The Start of Modernization in Owensboro

The start of the Kentucky Electrical Lamp Company, a light bulb manufacturing company was in 1899; it eventually was acquired by Kentucky Radio Company (Ken-Rad) in 1918 and later acquired by General Electricin 1945 and in 1987 acquired by MPD, Inc.created the light bulbs that illuminated the first night game in the history of Major League Baseball on May 24, 1935, between the Reds and Phillies at Cincinnati‘s Crosley Field.The Owensboro plant was a major part of General Electric’s vacuum tube manufacturing operations, producing both receiving types and military/industrial ceramic types. In 1961, engineers at the General Electric plant in Owensboro introduced a family of vacuum tubes called the Compactron.

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