Service Area Madisonville, Indiana

Servicing Madisonville, Indiana


Madisonville was named after then Secretary of State James Madison. Madisonville was founded in 1807 and was fully incorporated in 1810. Although Madisonville was in the state of Kentuc

Service area Madisonville,Indiana

ky which was considered a Union state the residents were sympathetic to the confederates.

Madisonville is in Hopkins County which is south of Evansville, Indiana. Madisonville and Hopkins County were divided by the Civil War in which many in Hopkins County joined the Confederate army even though Kentucky was a Union state.

Farming was the major industry for most of the 1800’s until coal was discovered in 1837 and the first coal mine was opened in 1869. Only in 1870 did Madisonville become a rail hub with the railroad pushing southward through Madisonville towards Henderson and Nashville. Only then did the coal industry take off as a major industry through the 1900s. Until the 1960s when the service industries and manufacturing took over.

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Remember our physical location is in Evansville, Indiana but our service area is much larger, because it includes Owensboro,Kentucky.