Replacing Gemstones in Jewelry

Replacing Gemstones in Jewelry
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How many of you have lost or damaged a gemstone in one of your jewelry pieces ? It could have been a special ring, necklace or even a bracelet. How does one go about replacing a missing or damaged stone ?

The first thing you need to do is get a replacement gemstone for that particular jewelry piece. Then you need to measure the length, width and depth of the jewelry setting. When purchasing the replacement gemstone it needs to be done by millimeter rather then weight. We need to fill in the space that is missing. Even more important is to find the right the color match. That will be discussed in greater detail below. Whether you are looking for a single replacement stone for a solitaire or several stones for a two or three-stone ring, it is possible to find good matches.Gemstones | Kruckemeyer & Cohn Jewelry Company | Evansville, Indiana

Replacing the Center Stone

Many pieces of jewelry have center stones and side stones. The center stone is a very important stone in any piece of jewelry. So, the question arises, what does one do when one needs to replace the center gemstone. The first thing you need is patience. It may take a while to locate such a large stone. Remember it has to go well with the accent stones as far size and color. Also keep in mind that you will be paying a bit more money for the new center stone especially if the piece is a family heirloom. Whether you are looking for a single replacement stone for a solitaire or several stones for a two or three-stone ring, it is possible to find good matches. Just hang in there. Since side stones or Accent stones are usually in pairs it is a lot wiser to buy them in pairs as well for two reasons. One reason is the cost per stone will be cheaper and you have a spare one just in case you need it.

Replacing Accent Stones & Side Stones

These gemstones are much more common to replace than the center stone. especially melee stones, which can easily fall out of jewelry settings, especially if their sizes differ slightly. Side stones are stones which flank a center stone and are typically sold as matched pairs. Accent stones are generally smaller gemstones that are sold as sets or gemstone lots also referred to as “melee” or “colored gemstone melee”. There is a third reason and that is that it is hard to find a proper match by buying one stone. However when it comes to earrings there is no need for a perfect match and that is because they are worn far apart. It would be very difficult to see if they matched or not.

Replace Gemstones by Color

When replacing gemstones by color you need to find a good color match. Don’t settle if it doesn’t look good especially when it comes to multiple stone rings and Accent stones. It is best to use a local jeweler to match the color of the stones you need. It’s extremely hard to match on a photograph. Bring them to a local Jeweler to match. Most gemstones color is pretty straight forward while others vary according to the light source. Like if you have an Aquamarine stone, it varies in color and id hard to match. At a local jeweler he can use different light sources to give you the match you are looking for.

Replace Gems by Exact Size

This is used for a non standard setting. An experienced jeweler won’t need the exact size but will be able to match the setting even with a certain amount of variance. So don’t worry if the size isn’t prefect. They can play with the actual setting and make it fit the stone by changing its size and shape. When shopping for a replacement stone do not do it by carat but rather do it by size. Just because you can find the same weight that doesn’t mean it will be the physical size. Realize that stones have different densities and will vary in size. So instead of using weight to replace a gemstone you need to go by size. We are filling a space in a setting. When shopping by exact size, it is important to consider all dimensions; length, width and depth, in order to get the best fit for your jewelry. Moreover, it is most accurate to measure in millimeters than fractions of inches.

Replacing Calibrated Size Colored Stones

A Calibrated size gemstone is one that fits commercial standard settings and is not unique. For example if you need to replace a 6 mm stone for a standard gem mountain is fairly easy. These are sizes that is used in mass production jewelry. To replace a calibrated stone all you need is size and color and there is also a 2mm lee way on the size.

Thus, replacement gemstones offer a convenient way to gain back the heartfelt beauty of cherished gemstone jewelry and return an unwearable ring to its former glory. If you are overwhelmed in your search for replacement stones, please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to assist you.


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