Oval Cut Diamond

Oval Cut Diamond

The Oval Cut Diamond

This diamond is not for everybody. Let’s discuss fingers. Most people aren’t hand models, am I right? I for one, recognize that having a large sparkler on my finger will typically seem like pig stuffed into a silk dress.

However, there’s one supernatural diamond form than will build even the foremost shovel-like hands seem like those of a knowledgeable musician, which form is oval. Not solely are they complimentary to even the foremost wretched of fingers, these ‘modified brilliant’ cut diamonds provide off a degree nearly unequaled level of fireside and brilliance. Oval shaped diamonds additionally tend to be priced  cheaper than their spherical counterparts, that is another huge plus.

When this is cut too shallow (under 60%) these ghastly bow ties (dark triangular shadows) seem and ruin everyone’s lives. Not even a resourceful ring setting will disguise these menaces. To counteract this dreadful bow-tie drama, diamond cutters can try to cut the diamond a touch deeper within the hope of decreasing the bow-tie impact the maximum amount as doable.

The Downside

The problem with this is often, once the diamond is cut too deep you only find yourself obtaining a very rubbish diamond that’s boring and lifeless (kind of like Pam in accounting). It actually may be a tight line between bow-tie hell and dull-diamond disaster, which tight line is sometimes a depth of between 57%-63%. Here you may possibly notice those diamonds that have managed to avoid those pitfalls. Our counseled table size for ovals is 53%-63%.

Another way to avoid the entire ‘ugly bow-tie-shadow laying waste my diamond’ state of affairs, is to create positive your stone has the acceptable length-to-width magnitude relation. a superbly symmetrical oval cut diamond ought to have a L/W magnitude relation of one.30, whereas something more than one.50 and you’re essentially simply going out and shopping for a bow-tie. This being aforementioned, it’s nearly not possible to avoid a little hint of bow-tie all at once. they’re going to sometimes be lurking within the shadows in each diamond, thus it extremely may be a case of finding a stone that minimizes the impact instead of eliminates it. Sorry!

Ovals and clarity

With clarity, be happy to pop all the way down to the ‘VS2-SI1’ vary, as ovals (just like our radiant and cushions above) are superb at activity little imperfections. as was common although, you would like to watch out regarding the positioning of those inclusions, as a grimy black mark sitting smack bag right within the center of your table may extremely burst your bubble.