Marquise Cut

Marquise Cut Diamond

Today, The Marquise Cut diamond was impressed by the winning smile of the Marquise DE Pompadour and commissioned by King Sun King, United Nations agency wished a diamond to match the smile. The optimum quantitative relation of length-to-width is 2:1, though a spread between one.75 and 2.25:1 is additionally acceptable.

Diamonds are around for billions of years, however solely some hundred years past did man discover that associate degree uncut diamond is reworked into a faceted gem, and by doing thus additional light-weight and sweetness might be unleashed. This discovery result in additional diamond cuts and shapes.


The most famed diamond cut and form is that the spherical good. It contains fifty seven aspects. different standard diamond forms are the blue blood Cut diamonds that are sq. formed diamonds principally cut and polished from a crystal shape rough diamond. Another standard diamond form is that the Cushion Cut diamond. within the past it had been polished with less aspects because of restricted technology and a limited understanding of optics.  With the high value of uncut diamonds, diamond cutters and polishers are continually on the look out


 to possess higher recovery from the uncut diamond whereas increasing the sunshine performance of the diamond cut. This gave birth to new diamond cuts and shapes like Pear form diamonds, Marquise form diamonds, Heart form diamonds and different that become standard diamond shapes over the years.

Recently with advancements in technology, some new diamonds created their thanks to the market giving distinctive diamonds shapes and cuts. The My lady Diamond, the primary South African diamond proprietary cut and form. The My lady Diamond is that the solely diamond within the world to realize the right balance of fireside and brilliance.