Jewelry Repair



With proper care and maintenance, your fine jewelry will offer a lifetime of enjoyment. We have a full range of professional services for Jewelry repair which includes refinishing and refurbishing of your jewelry. Our suite of jewelry repair services also includes ring sizing, mountings, stone replacement, re-tipping prongs, jewelry cleaning and polishing, clasp replacement & custom jewelry designs.

Proper maintenance and prong re-tipping can prevent you from losing your precious diamonds. Complementary cleaning and inspection of jewelry are available any time you visit Kruckemeyer & Cohn.


People who love jewelry and watches wear them every day. Jewelry, especially those crafted excellently and engraved with the finest gemstones, are so beautiful to look at. Watches are also great accessories, particularly brands whose reputation dates way before the 19th century.  They have beautiful gemstones and straps made of precious metals.

But just like any accessory we use, necklaces and bracelets cannot last forever and will break down from continued use. Jeweled bracelets with chain links will eventually have loose chains that may lead to gemstones falling off. Watches are vulnerable at their mechanical straps where constant opening and closing will eventually loosen the locks. Watch faces are not indestructible. They will eventually suffer ugly scratches.

To answer your concerns, you need to find somebody good in jewelry repair and watch repair. People engaged in this profession are no ordinary repairmen as they handle the most delicate man-made pieces. Separating and putting back together a piece of jewelry is much different from repairing a table or chair as you are dealing with sensitive moving parts too small for the naked eye.

There are some guidelines one should know with jewelry repair and watch repair. One should know at least some of these before deciding to take your precious accessories to be serviced and repaired.

  1. Preventing wear and tear – Jewelries and watches are very susceptible to harsh chemicals as they can cause discoloration. Also, never forget to remove your watch and jewelries when performing manual labor.
  2. Always clean precious metals and gemstones – Probably the proudest part of any jewelry or watch, look after them always. Gemstones can be cleaned with a non-metallic soft brush and a mild ammonia water solution. The same solution can be used to clean parts with precious metals. For plain metal designs, you can clean them with alcohol.
  3. Keep them dry at all times – On its own, water is probably the most persistent agent of corrosion as it can introduce impurities to your jewelry and watch. Therefore, always remember to keep them moist and dry.

By doing the above guidelines correctly, you are actually performing your own jewelry  and watch repair. Thus, you will need to have your accessories brought in to K&C  only for more difficult forms of maintenance.