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The Jewelry education Blog is for all those who want to be knowledgeable. Our blog posts are meant to expand your knowledge & awareness of the jewelry industry. So, when you come to Kruckemeyer and Cohn jewelry Company Evansville, Indiana or any other jewelry store, you will feel a lot more comfortable speaking with the reps about the kind of jewelry you are looking for.

  • Color change gaarnet stone

    A Gem Stone That changes Colors

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    A color change garnet gemstone is not Mood Ring that changes colors under different temperatures. How about a Gem Stone that changes colors when it’s exposed to various types of light. It starts out looking like a reddish brown color, but wait, this stone can actually turn blue in day light. How cool is that? Color Change Garnet Gemstone A

  • Valentine's Day | The New Kruckemeyer & Cohn Jewelry Company

    Who buys the most Jewelry on Valentine’s Day

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    Jewelry Americans are expected to spend at least $18 Billion dollars on Valentine cards, gifts, candy and Jewelry. This figure does not include these purchases the rest of the year.   Valentines Day is a big to do in the USA. These figures were obtained by the National Retail Federation. Do you know why diamonds and Jewelry are a girl’s best

  • Christmas | Jewelry | The New Kruckemeyer & Cohn Jewelry Company

    5 Tips on buying a Jewelry gift this Christmas

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    Buying Jewelry for that Special Someone Fine jewelry pieces usually costs a lot of money when they are made of materials like, 14 karat gold and precious stones like diamonds & emeralds. One must also consider the level of craftsmanship put into each piece of jewelry. Now you understand why the high price tag on these particular items. A gift