Jewelry Appraisals

Jewelry Appraisals
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Knowing True Value

Who does not love jewels? From simple worn items like rings, watches and bracelets made from precious metals to expertly crafted tiaras, chokers, and belts fully plated and mounted with precious stones.  Wearing jewelry is not just to display wealth and opulence. They signify power, status and success in life. But is it the real thing? Jewelry appraisals will remove any doubt.

Is it the real thing?            Appraisals | Kruckemeyer & Cohn Jewelry Company | Evansville,IN

But while jewelry is nice to look at, ascertaining its true value is a different matter. Jewelries are not like common goods like food items, or even industrial matter like wood and oil. The value of jewelry, especially those that use precious stones like diamonds, can be quite tricky and vary from place to place. For that, this is where jewelry appraisals, diamond appraisals to be more specific, come into play.

Getting the true value of jewelry is quite important.  Insurance is one common reason. Take for instance diamond engagement rings. Scratching your head is your least reaction should you lose your diamond ring while playing ball or frolicking with your child. You might be able to pacify your wife’s anger if your diamond ring was insured. To do that, you would likely need a diamond appraisal.  

Another use of jewelry appraisals is when you need to move it from one place to another. Gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, their values vary from what place to which country. The one thing that might standardize the variations in value are jewelry appraisals.

When you get a jewelry appraisal, make sure you have checked the credentials of the appraiser. While some appraisers rely only on experience, there are those who really have credentials like belonging to professional appraisal groups. During jewelry appraisals, make sure you have all the necessary documents in hand like the jewelry’s original receipt.

Finally, when getting a jewelry appraisal, make sure it will contain all the important information like detailed description of the item, its value, disclosure statements and the qualification of the appraiser.  






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