Engagement Rings: The Promise of Forever

Engagement Rings: The Promise of Forever
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The Promise of Forever

Engagement rings are one of the most cherished personal items one could ever own. For you guys, can you still remember how you carefully and sneakily you designed the proposal? How you staged it to be perfect in every aspect and detail, culminating in saying the magic words while displaying the engagement ring for her to see. Engagement Rings | Kruckemeyer & Cohn Jewelry Company

For most women, remember how you were beyond 7th Heaven when you realized this was the moment, he was about to pop the question, and true enough as you finally saw that beautiful engagement ring come out of that cute little box.

Keeping True to the Promise

Because engagement rings are such important  keepsakes, taking care of them is of paramount importance. While a diamond can withstand a lot of wear and tear, the frame may not be that durable. For this reason, it would really come in handy if you knew where to get good jewelry repair.

Probably the best place for jewelry repair for your engagement ring is with the jeweler who made it. Depending on the arrangements you made with the jewelry shop, they might offer you special deals for your engagement ring, as compared to a walk-in outsider who did not have his ring crafted here. The jeweller is also likely familiar with the designs and patterns that may have gone into making the ring.


If you are not able to go to the jewel shop that fashioned and crafted your engagement ring, you might want to go to one with the most experience. Engagement rings with diamonds can be very tricky to repair as should there be flaws and inclusions, a failed repair attempt could result in the damage getting worse. Make sure the one who will do the repairs on your engagement ring knows exactly what he is doing.



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