Diamond Jewelry Repair: What You Should Know

Diamond Jewelry Repair: What You Should Know
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Diamonds are one of the most beautiful gemstones for jewelry. Aside from their exciting appeal, diamonds are great for jewelry because of their hardness. People love to have diamond jewelry as they generally believe it is alright to wear every day without fear of getting damaged. This is relatively true as diamond jewelry pieces can, in fact, collide with other hard materials, with the latter being the one breaking.Jewelry Repair


But while diamond jewel accessories are tough and resistant, they will not last forever. Diamonds can get chipped. Without careful scrutiny, diamond jewelries are sold with  existing inclusions, thin girdles and shallow crowns. Some are poorly proportioned when they were sliced. All these characteristics increase the risk of physical damage when subjected to sufficient force along with the wear and tear of everyday use.

On your own, you can do basic diamond jewelry repair to minimize and prevent further damage. Here are a few tips for your own basic diamond jewelry repair: Jewelry Repair

  1. Keep diamond jewelry away from chemicals – While diamonds are tough against hard substances, that is not the case against chemicals. Even common household chemicals can damage diamonds like ammonia and bleach. Perfume you wear may contain chemicals that can affect the diamond. Remember to keep them away.
  2. Clean them with safe methods – Clean diamond jewelry with warm water, mild detergent soap and a soft-bristle brush. This will ensure the gemstone and the metal where it is mounted is rid of dirt and grime. Do not forget to wipe them dry with a soft clean cloth.
  3. Jewelry RepairMaking use of ultrasonic cleaners – This is a more sophisticated form of cleaning, yet highly effective for metals and also diamonds. Be wary though of certain restrictions, like if your diamond jewelry is with coated gems like topaz or those which are vulnerable to heat like opal and tanzanite.
  4. In more serious cases of damaged diamond jewelry, you will have to choose between having it re-polished or re-cut. The former can address minor damage while the latter involves major change in the appearance, but a reduction in carat level. It is up to you which diamond jewelry repair you choose. It can help if your diamond jewelry has insurance to cover up the cost.



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