Jewelry That Should be Worn with a Black Dress

Jewelry That Should be Worn with a Black Dress
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Women are always in quandary of what to wear when going on a night out. Hence the black dress, a timeless option that is virtually flattering on almost any woman. Since black is very versatile, it will need some Diamond Jewelry to make it stand out.

In this article we will show you exactly what type of jewelry to wear. So, how would one go about choosing the right jewelry to wear? This may seem like a daunting task, since anything goes with black. Earrings | Kruckemeyer & Cohn Jewelery Company

We will give you some pointers on what jewelry to wear that will be flattering to you and your black dress.

Where do you begin? Here a few tips that may help you pick the right jewelry for your style and taste… that will also complement your black dress.

What Kind of Statement do you Want to make:

The black dress is the perfect canvas to make a statement with your jewelry. The following are jewelry statement makers – a stack of bangle bracelets, an oversized gemstone cocktail ring or a long bib necklace.

Things to Consider when Making your Decision

There are a few factors to consider when choosing what jewelry to wear with a black dress…

What is the Occasion:

In A Formal occassion…

  • – Style your dress with a classy pearl necklaceand pearl earring combination
  • – Try on a pair of gemstone chandelier earrings or gemstone drop earringsfor a burst of color
  • – Stay in line with the black theme by adding dramatic and bold black onyx jewelry

For a casual occasion…

  • – Lighten things up by adding bright colors with coral jewelry or turquoise jewelry
  • – Pile on a stack of bangles for flirty and feminine fun
  • – Choose a bold cocktail ring to gain some attention


For a deep, V-neckline…

  • – Choose a pendant necklace on the longer side (try 18″ and up), that mirrors the same v-neckline
  • – Add a long chain necklace, station necklace or lariat pull-through design

For a square or scoop neckline…

  • – Choose a necklace length that is either shorter or longer than your neckline to keep things neat
  • – To go shorter, try a choker necklace or short pendant necklace (try between 14″-16″)
  • – To go longer, try a long station necklace, rope chain necklace or layers of long beaded necklaces

For a strapless dress…

  • – Stand out and accentuate your neck and shoulders with a bold choker, or skip the necklace and go for long, dramatic chandelier earringsor long linear earrings

For a halter-top dress…

  • – Since a halter neckline takes the place of a necklace, add a chic pair of drop earrings or a charming bangle bracelet or cuff bracelet to complete the look

Please remember…

The jewelry you choose to go with your little black dress, you will hardly go wrong, especially when you shop at Kruckemeyer & Cohn Evansville,Indiana. At Kruckemeyer & Cohn, our affordable prices will allow you to style your outfit with the finest jewelry, down to every last detail. And remember, wearing your jewelry is a way to express your own unique style and have fun in the process.

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