Cushion Cut


Cushion Cut Diamond

The Diamond Cushion cut combines a square cut with rounded corners much like a pillow or cushion, hence the name. Once upon a time this was the cut to have. This was because the way it returned light in a chunkier pattern as opposed to modern cuts.

Whether it’s this fire or their distinctive soft, rounded corners with a square shape that attracts buyers, the cushion cut has successfully claimed its spot as the third most popular diamond shape. (You can find out more about all the other diamond shapes here.) But if you plan to shop for one of these popular stones, you’ll need to know your way around their different styles and their ratios. We’ll break down traditional cuts, which have fewer but larger facets, and modern cushions or modified cushion brilliants, which have as many or more facets as a round brilliant, so you can focus on one thing: how to get the best cushion cut diamond possible.