How To Care for Your Jewelry – From the Former Crown Jeweler

How To Care for Your Jewelry – From the Former Crown Jeweler
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Caring for Jewelry | Kruckemeyer & Cohn Jewelry Company | Evansville, Indiana

Few individuals find out about watching over valuable diamonds and gems than those accountable for the British illustrious family’s boundless accumulation. Garrard, the official crown gem specialist from 1843 until 2007, attempted that overwhelming job for eras and educated some Jewelers all the while. While regal pieces have the advantage of a committed workshop within Buckingham Palace where they can be repaired and cleaned, most normal jewelry owners need to manage with what they can discover around the house. Not an issue. Sara Prentice, CEO of Garrard, has a couple tips on the best way to care for your jewelry that will keep for times to come.     Caring for Jewelry | Kruckemeyer & Cohn Jewelry Company | Evansville, Indiana


  1. Clean your gems consistently.

 The royal gems, including the Imperial State Crown, are cleaned each January as a feature of the official crown diamond setter’s agreement. For your own jewelry, Prentice suggests cleaning your adornments consistently, however, how frequently relies, on upon the thing. The pieces you wear every now and again, similar to a jewel wedding band, are once in seven days cleaning plan wouldn’t be impossible. For different things that get less regular wear, a twice-yearly cleaning ought to be adequate 

  1. Leave fragile pieces to the professionals.

 For tough gems produced using hard metals and jewels, cleaning them at home is very straightforward: Prentice suggests putting things in a plastic bowl with cleaning fluid (you can utilize premade fluids or a blend of warm water and a mellow cleanser like Windex or weakened smelling salts) and tenderly brushing ceaselessly any earth with a delicate toothbrush. In any case, more delicate or permeable gems like pearls, opals, and emeralds could be harmed by the rough properties in alkali. If at any time in uncertainty, give your pieces to an authority on jewelry cleaning.

  1. Focus on the subtle areas of the jewelry.

Watching over your gems is about something beyond keeping them clean, it’s likewise about checking them for any consistent wear. In any event once per year, examine your pieces to guarantee that the prongs are still tight (for rings, hold it by the band and tap gently on the stone—if the stone is free, you’ll hear it move in the prongs), bezels aren’t overused, all fastens are in working order, and any metal finishes or plating are still in great condition.

  1. Being Careful goes along way.

The most ideal approach to care for your adornments is to anticipate harm. Prentice recommends taking off your adornments before sharing in any exercises in which it may be over and again thumped or get especially filthy, such as practicing or sports. Additionally be aware of how you store your jewelry. Pearls—jewels can scratch different stones and metals, they are best kept separately, and different pieces ought to be put away in individual fabric pockets or cushioned boxes to keep them from rattling around.  

  1. Prepare, then put on your Jewelry.

Prentice suggests leaving your adornments off whenever you’re using something that includes chemicals or abrasives—this incorporates utilizing nail paint remover and even regular things like splashing aroma or hair spray, which can harm gentler jewels like opals and pearls.

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