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This Blog is for our customers and those who want to be well informed. You will find posts to further educate you about jewelry. So, when you come to Kruckemeyer and Cohn jewelry Company Evansville, Indiana, you will feel a lot more comfortable speaking with our reps about the kind of jewelry you are looking for.

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    Jewelry = Beauty

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    A Diamond Necklace is Jewelry that is the synonym for glamour and beauty. Any outfit on a woman seems incomplete if she isn’t wearing jewelry. Jewelry comes in different forms, shape and size and different kinds of metals such as Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Brass, Copper, Titanium Tungsten, Stainless steel and Rhodium are used for making it. Jewelry is made

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    Jewelry That Should be Worn with a Black Dress

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    Women are always in quandary of what to wear when going on a night out. Hence the black dress, a timeless option that is virtually flattering on almost any woman. Since black is very versatile, it will need some Diamond Jewelry to make it stand out. In this article we will show you exactly what type of jewelry to wear.

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    The Green Trend – Eco-Friendly Jewelry

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    Archaeological digs dating back many thousands of years prove the fact that jewelry has always been a desired part of human existence, from the rich and powerful to the average worker on the street. Man or woman, old or young, people like to adorn themselves with beautiful accessories. Unfortunately however, these days, most jewelry comes from a very sad and