A Gem Stone That changes Colors

A Gem Stone That changes Colors
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Color change gaarnet stone

A color change garnet gemstone is not Mood Ring that changes colors under different temperatures. How about a Gem Stone that changes colors when it’s exposed to various types of light. It starts out looking like a reddish brown color, but wait, this stone can actually turn blue in day light. How cool is that?

Color Change Garnet Gemstone

A color change garnet stone is misconceived as pleochroism mineral; however, it does not belong to pleochroism. The above mentioned category only applies to stones that change color when viewed from different angles. While the Color Change Garnet Gemstone changes color when viewed in different light. This particular stone is under the spessartite, alexandrite, and pyrope categories.


Few Points of Color Change Garnet Gemstone  

Color change garnet stone

  • A color change garnet stone changes its color tremendously when it is being put under the sun or normal daylight. A color change garnet stone (gomed) display mostly blue, brownish and green color when it is viewed under normal daylight.
  • However, it exhibits different colors when it is viewed under artificial light for example under incandescent light. The colors like pink, bronze being displayed under artificial daylight.
  • The ability of garnet stone (hessonite) to change or alter its color is a unique and rare quality which only a few gemstones are capable of doing. Generally, gemstone displays or exhibit a unique color due to its competency to absorb all colors but not a specific one.
  • For example, a green emerald stone appears green because it absorbs all light waves and reflects only green color. A gemstone shows up best shades of color in natural daylight by the reason of a balanced spectrum of light in normal daylight.
  • A color change garnet changes hue based upon the light source. The garnet changes its color in normal daylight mainly from red to green and additionally it also alters color from green to gray. Aside from this, under artificial light, it changes its color from pink-violet to purple.
  • Similarly, under candlelight, it displays intense dark red color. Besides the above-mentioned color, a color change garnet stone also displays colors like yellow, purple, pink, bronze under different lights.
  • A color change hessonite stone is typically a transparent gemstone nevertheless; it contains few inclusions which can be visible with naked eyes.
  • It is rare to find a garnet gemstone without any inclusions. Color change garnet stone is found in different shape cushion shape, emerald cut and round cut are some of the popular shapes of garnet stone.


The color change garnet gem stone is a very rare and unique  stone which is coveted by collectors. The color change can be intense and equal to the color change of top quality alexandrite. In fact color change garnets can easily be mistaken for alexandrite. Some of the best stones are from the deposit in Bekily, Southern Madagascar.


There are many types of Garnet stones but the Color Change one is the rarest. So, the next time you have an opportunity to purchase one of these stones, do it.





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