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  • Dec172017
    Engagement Rings | Kruckemeyer & Cohn Jewelery Company | Evansville

    Engagement Rings: The Promise of Forever

    The Promise of Forever Engagement rings are one of the most cherished personal items one could ever own. For...

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  • Dec132017
    Jewelry Repair | Kruckemeyer & Cohn Jewelry Company | Evansville,IN

    Jewelry Repair: Damage Control

    Jewelry Repair The fanciest and most elegant jewelry pieces are expensive not just for their beauty, but also for...

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  • Dec052017
    Diamond appraisal | Kruckemeyer & Cohn Jewelry Company

    Jewelry Appraisals

    Knowing True Value Who does not love jewels? From simple worn items like rings, watches and bracelets made from...

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