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  • Oct262016
    Ideal-Scope | The Kruclemeyer & Cohn Jewelry Company

    Examining a Diamond with an Ideal-scope Image

    You’re shopping for a diamond engagement ring.  You’ve narrowed the search down to GIA approved, triple excellent diamonds (excellent...

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  • Oct192016
    Diamond | Kruckemeyer & Cohn Jewelry Company

    How to Tell the Difference between a Diamond and a Cubic Zirconia

    Today there are a number of man made stones that come close to matching the appearance and characteristics of...

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  • Oct052016
    Diamonds | Kruckemeyer & Cohn Jewelery Company | Evansville

    Table Proportions that Make the Most Beautiful Diamonds

    The table is an eight-sided central flat facet on the upper part (crown) of the diamond. Experts in light...

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