10 Popular Diamond Cuts

10 Popular Diamond Cuts
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The diamond cut shape the length & width of the stone. Below is a description of the 10 most popular diamond cuts.

1. Round is the most popular diamond cut. It offers flexibility in balancing cut, color, and clarity without sacrificing fire and brilliance.
2. The princess cut features a square cut with pointed corners. Its brilliance and beautiful cut makes it a favorite for engagement rings.
3. An oval cut creates brilliance similar to a round cut. Its exact shape is characterized by the length to width ratio.
4. The radiant cut features trimmed corners and is a popular choice for jewelry. The overall shape varies from square to rectangular depending on the length to width ratio.
5. The pear or teardrop cut is a popular choice for many types of jewelry. When worn as part of a ring, the elongated diamond enhances the contour of wearer’s finger.
6. The cushion cut or “pillow cut” has rounded corners and larger facets, which enhances its clarity. Its shape varies from square to rectangular depending on the length to width ratio.
7. The emerald cut features a pavilion cut with rectangular facets and a large open table giving it a hall of mirrors effect. Its shape varies greatly depending on its length to width ratio.
8. An asscher cut is similar to an emerald cut except that its shape is square. Like the emerald cut, this cut shows off the diamond’s clarity.
9. The marquise cut is oblong with curved borders that come to a point at each end. This cut stands out as it features the diamond’s size and appears larger than other cuts of the same caret weight.
10. The heart cut, as its name suggests, makes the diamond heart shaped. It expresses love and is a popular choice for romantic jewelry.

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