Win a $5,000 Gift Certificate at Kruckemeyer and Cohn

Win a $5,000 Gift Certificate at Kruckemeyer and Cohn
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Help us celebrate our 1 year anniversary of Kruckemeyer and Cohn being under new ownership.

Yes, that is correct we will have a drawing of a $5,000 gift certificate at kruckemeyer and Cohn Evansville,IN in October. You need to be in it to win it. So come on down and register. While you are there be sure to pick out your $5,000 worth of jewelry. Because you just know that you are a winner.

To register, you must come into our store and leave your name, email and cell phone number. You will then receive an e mail announcing when the  drawing will take place, with a drawing coupon attached to the email, which must be given in on the day of the raffle.

We are showing our appreciation for the support of the people in Evansville and the surrounding areas for the past 100 plus years our store has been around. We want to make it known that we are here to stay and to continue to serve our community.

For this drawing you must be at least 21 years old and a resident of Evansville or the surrounding area of 100 miles. You must come in and register in the store Kruckemeyer and Cohn in Evansville,IN.

Happy Anniversary !

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