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The Kruckemeyer and Cohn Jewelry education Blog is for all those who want to be well informed. You will find posts to further educate you about jewelry. So, when you come to Kruckemeyer and Cohn jewelry Company Evansville, Indiana, you will feel a lot more comfortable speaking with our reps about the kind of jewelry you are looking for.

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    3D Printing in Jewelry

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    Jewelry 3D printing has found its way into a wide variety of industries, one of which is jewelry. Read more to find out how the world of jewelry is changed through 3D printing. 3D printing is a very interesting form of manufacturing technology. This process allows for the creation of almost anything! It may actually change the way we produce

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    How to Tell the Difference between a Diamond and a Cubic Zirconia

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    Today there are a number of man made stones that come close to matching the appearance and characteristics of diamonds. Cubic zirconium (CZs) are less expensive and look more like diamonds than any other man made jewel. In fact, when looking at a stone with the naked eye, many gemologists have trouble telling diamonds and CZs apart. However, CZs are

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    Table Proportions that Make the Most Beautiful Diamonds

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    The table is an eight-sided central flat facet on the upper part (crown) of the diamond. Experts in light refraction have determined that diamonds whose table proportions,  is between 53%-58% of the stone’s entire width have the most attractive appearance. The wider the table, the more brilliant the diamond because the larger table will admit more reflected light. A larger